Dialogue introduces virtual multidisciplinary mental health program

By The IJ Staff | October 11 2019 03:54PM

Photo: Freepik

Dialogue announced Oct. 10 that it is launching phase II of its Stress Management and Well-Being program.

The new program, now available to employers in Canada, builds on Dialogue's virtual healthcare services. The program is supported “by a multidisciplinary and cross-functional care team.” The company says it ensures that patients have access to psychologists, psychotherapists, social workers and doctors, nurses and medical specialists, who work together as a team “to offer a personalized treatment plan and provide the right resource at the right time in response to the patients' needs.”

Phase I of the mental health program was developed over the course of the last year in partnership with companies like SSQ Insurance which made the service available to its employees.

"Dialogue's new expanded mental health program is a perfect example of how new technologies can improve access to quality care by making prevention a key component and by adapting the use of technologies to ease the stigma still associated with mental health illness," says Dr. Julien Martel, Dialogue Chief Medical Officer.

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