Beneva announced April 5 that it is integrating BiogeniQ – the company’s pharmacogenetic testing – into its best practices for managing the disability and rehabilitation of group plan members who are on leave of absence or on disability leave.

Patients must be on leave due to physical, psychological or mental conditions and deemed unresponsive to treatments already received to be considered for the program.

"In addition to highlighting Beneva's leadership in support solutions, this initiative also contributes to supporting financial health by controlling group insurance plan costs for insured plan members," says Éric Trudel, Beneva's executive vice-president and leader of group insurance. 

They say patients who use pharmacogenetic testing reduce their adverse reactions to medications by 30 per cent. “During the process of managing a work interruption episode, Beneva offers its insured members the option of getting a genetic test kit sent directly by BiogeniQ,” they write. The saliva sample is analysed without involvement from the insurer, and results are sent to the attending physician who can make relevant medication recommendations based on the member’s DNA and adjust medication and dosage based on the individual’s metabolism. 

The company says the program is voluntary and confidential.