Wealthtech solution for advisors at heart of collaboration

By The IJ Staff | July 31 2020 01:11PM

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Agora Dealer Services is collaborating with fintech provider Pascal Financial to create a stronger and more robust wealthtech solution for MFDA dealers and advisors.

Agora, a carrying dealer focused on supporting mutual fund dealers and independent advisors, and Pascal share the belief that digital technology enhances advisor value.

Agora to integrate digital SaaS technology

From onboarding to investment research and analysis and model portfolios to portfolio optimization, Agora will integrate Pascal's digital SaaS technology to create accessibility to industry-leading solutions. With these enhancements, Agora's platform will provide mutual fund dealers and their advisors with a cost-effective solution, while enabling them to elevate their services and engage clients.

The collaboration means advisors and dealers using the Agora platform can now access wealthtech solutions from Pascal, such as:

  • Connecting the digital capabilities of Pascal's InvestorDNA to the advisor portal

  • Leveraging behavioural finance principles for better client engagement, and

  • Communicating through the engagement hub to deliver relevant and timely advice through the client's preferred digital channel.

The integration into the carrying dealer platform is expected to be completed in August.

Together will provide low-cost and value-added advice

"Pascal's technology enhances our online technology platform," said Paul Morford, CEO of Agora Dealer Services Holding Corp. "The addition of their software to our platform will provide dealers and advisors with a low-cost, efficient, end-to-end solution with additional features to support value-added advice for advisors.”

Pascal Financial launched the only fully integrated, AI-powered wealth management platform with behavioural finance in Canada in the first quarter of 2020.

"We are committed to empowering mutual fund dealers and their advisors to deliver outstanding client engagement, achieve greater administration efficiencies and streamline compliance, which results in a superior client experience," said Pascal Chief Business Officer Howard Atkinson. "With more mutual fund dealers and advisors turning to Agora's carrying dealer platform, our turnkey advisor solution delivers the integrated digital technology that can support them as they accelerate their growth."

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