Regulator warns of high pressure sales tactics targeting seniors

By The IJ Staff | November 19 2019 12:41PM

Photo: Freepik

New Brunswick’s Financial and Consumer Services Commission (FCNB) has issued a warning about unlicensed direct sellers targeting seniors.

The regulator has received complaints from New Brunswickers who say some companies are using free prizes, free consultations or money off goods and services offered via social media as a way to get invited into their homes. “The complainants allege that once in the home to provide the consultation or prize, the salespeople are using high pressure sales tactics to solicit sales,” said the FCNB.

High pressure tactics

The regulator says some high pressure tactics to beware of include the salesperson saying it is a one-time offer only available now. Another tactic includes offering free inspections, consultations or offering prizes to visit your home with the intent of soliciting a sale once there. For example, this might be a free inspection of a furnace or home heating device, for air quality or water testing or mold detection.

The high pressure tactics may also include misleading the homeowner by implying they work for the municipality, a provincial organization or a utility company. The seller may also mislead the homeowner by implying that the condition of the home or equipment in the home “is dangerous or inadequate for habitation and requires an immediate fix or remediation,” says the FCNB, which recommends getting a second opinion before agreeing to purchase anything.

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