FP Canada announced on July 12 the results for the May sitting of the Qualified Associate Financial Planner (QAFP) exam. 186 candidates attempted the exam. 

The May exam took place on May 31, 2022. FP Canada gave candidates the option of writing the exam in person or remotely through online proctoring. The pass rate among first-time writers was 56.6%. 

FP Canada says that in a survey, the exam candidates were asked why they chose to pursue QAFP certification. The majority of respondents (64%) said they did so to enhance their skills and better serve their clients. A total of 40% took the step so they could legally use the financial planner title under Ontario's Financial Professionals Title Protection Act. “The survey results also highlighted the value firms place on certification, with 36% of candidates stating that it was a requirement set by their employer,” says the organization. 

Many candidates also indicated that their ultimate goal was obtaining CFP certification via FP Canada's QAFP Certification to CFP Certification Bridge Path.