Canadians support action to fight insurance fraud

By The IJ Staff | February 27 2020 12:47PM

Combatting fraud is becoming more of a priority for Canadians, growing from 77% in 2017 to 87% in 2019, according to a recent survey commissioned by Aviva Canada and conducted by Pollara Strategic Insight.

"With March being Fraud Prevention Month, we wanted to release this survey data, highlighting Canadian's attitude towards fraud," stated Ashish Bhargava, Vice President, Aviva Verify, Aviva Canada, in a Feb. 26 statement. "At Aviva, we are committed to raising awareness and educating our consumers, many of whom are unknowingly victims of fraud. We've long been a leader in the Canadian insurance industry and continue to advocate and fight for reform to reduce the levels of fraud, and to establish stricter consequences for those found guilty of committing it."

The survey found that 90% of Canadians are aware there is a direct relationship between what an insurance company pays in claims and their annual premiums. This is an 18% increase in awareness compared to the results from a similar survey in 2017.

Among the other findings, 87% of Canadians want more time and money spent on policing and prosecuting fraudulent insurance claims and 72% of Canadians agree that increased prosecution of fraud could result in lower auto insurance premiums.

In addition, half of those surveyed believe that one in four claims involve some element of fraud; and a further 20% feel it may be closer to half of all claims. Fifteen per cent of respondents reported knowing of someone who has inflated the value of their personal belongings stolen from a vehicle.

Fraud is a major issue for the insurance industry. Read our special report about fighting fraud here.

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