The Co-operators Offers Free Advice to Executors

By Andrew Rickard | July 30 2015 10:53AM

The Co-operators is expanding the benefits program it offers to its member organisations. The new services offered include estate administration support, as well as a discount on travel insurance.

bardswick_kathyOn July 27, The Co-operators announced enhancements to the coverage and savings it offers to individuals who belong to participating member organizations, such as Canadian co-operatives, credit union centrals, and representative farm organizations.

Farmer members will now have access to up to 30 additional or broadened coverages under its farm and hobby farm insurance policies at a reduced price, and they will also receive a 10% on all travel insurance policies. The Co-operators is also offering members access to its Executor EASE program, which gives clients who are executors support and advice when they administer an estate. It includes a free meeting with a personal trust consultant to help them understand the responsibilities of acting as an executor.

"Meeting the needs of our members by providing products and services tailored to them is a high priority for The Co-operators, and is a key way that we are bringing the co-op advantage to life," said Kathy Bardswick, president and CEO of The Co-operators.

The organisation is encouraging clients who are members of participating member organizations to contact their Co-operators advisor in order to access the enhanced benefits, and says that existing clients will have them applied automatically.

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