Tech company looks to increase MGA productivity with new software

By Daniela Cambone | June 20 2002 06:38PM

Toronto-based, e-basic Technologies, an online provider of business management applications has developed an MGA tool that keeps track of all business operations and helps brokers with client retentions.

Launched this June, the online tool, MGA Management Solution, is part of a series of products e-basic is creating to provide customer relations management (CRM) solutions.

The MGA Management Solution manages the entire business operation and provides instant access to a variety of management reports and associates performance, without any geographical barriers, explains Paul Singh, Marketing Director for e-basic.

“It manages the entire operation of the industry, it is useful for MGAs when dealing with multiple companies, on a day-to-day basis,” he says.

Mr. Singh notes that the MGA Management Solution tool is also effective for brokers. Brokers can use it to feed information and track client details and client history, he notes. They can analyze, with the help of diagrams, in which province they are having success and what trends and products are selling well.

The tool ia also a good retention device, says Valerie Alphonso, Marketing Consultant for e-basic. She explains that many brokers may have difficulty retaining clients since they do not keep track of their client history. The tool acts as an agent reminder so, brokers can remember the client’s personal information. The broker can also see the amount of time and number of calls it took to close previous deals.

The MGA Management Solution can also keep track of information by company, by product, by broker commissions and by cancellation and renewal reports, notes Mr. Singh. It also features a pie graph that measures the performance of various companies and products. Success can also be measured with the daily production monitor, which is based on company, product, branch and associate. Mr. Singh highlights that everything can be managed in one single interface and no hardware is required.

Currently, e-basic only has prices available in U.S. figures since it has plans for a U.S. launch and is aiming to serve the entire North American market. The cost of the application license and subscription for the tool depends on the number of users. It can vary from a minimum US$30.00 per month, per user to a maximum of US$55.00 per month, per user. There is also a one-time fee of US$950.00 and a customization fee, which varies depending on the MGA’s needs. e-basic is presently working on a pricing module for the Canadian market.