Survey indicates strong opposition to Saskatchewan’s insurance tax hike

par Donna Glasgow | September 20 2017 01:30PM

A large majority of Saskatchewan voters oppose the government's decision to add PST to a range of insurance products, according to a new poll conducted by Maple Leaf Strategies on behalf of Advocis.

The poll conducted from August 3-6 – the results of which were released this week – found that 73 per cent of the province’s voters oppose or strongly oppose taxing insurance, while another 77 per cent said it is “unfair”. The poll also indicates that the government’s voter base is also against the tax with 65 per cent of Saskatchewan Party voters opposed or strongly opposed to taxing insurance.

Financial future of families at risk

"People use insurance as a way to protect their family's financial future in the event of an accident, illness or loss of life. They also use insurance as a way to save," said Greg Pollock, President and CEO of Advocis in an announcement. "Taxing savings makes no sense. It puts the financial future of families at risk."

The Saskatchewan government’s decision to impose an additional tax on insurance premiums, beginning this summer, was widely opposed by the industry.

Could lead to higher costs for taxpayers

"Aside from the unpopularity of this tax, it could lead to serious problems for the government if people start reducing or canceling their insurance," says Dean Owen, a Saskatchewan-based Advocis member. "If those people have an accident and are not covered for risks they will ultimately end up at the government's door – meaning higher costs in the end for taxpayers."