Software enables advisors to track CE credits

By Alain Thériault | November 14 2017 09:45AM

Alan Hoffman

A Fintech based in Aurora, Ontario is offering advisors free access to software that tracks their Continuing Education (CE) credit requirements.

A Fintech based in Aurora, Ontario is offering advisors free access to software that tracks their Continuing Education (CE) credit requirements. It also allows them to view – at a glance – all their accumulated credits, and what's missing to fulfill their CE requirements.

Alan Hoffman, creator of the CE Tracker software, and president of the continuing education platform, said in an interview with The Insurance and Investment Journal that he counts on the financial contribution of educators who register on his platform to be able to offer it free to the advisers.

On-demand website

"We do charge advisors for earning CE Credits through our website (live events in person, and live Webcast via their computer anywhere in Canada), and through which is our on-demand website," he underlined.

The company’s live events allow advisors to obtain up to 15 CE Credits in two days. These CE Credits are accredited before the event, so certificates are delivered by email the following day. "All of our on demand presentations have been accredited by the Financial Planning Standards Council (FPSC), and about half of those have also been accredited by IAFE (The Institute).  In addition, we have seven courses in French accredited by the Chambre de la sécurité financière (CSF)," Hoffman said.

"Through our website, advisors can get the CE Credits they need for almost any license in Canada," said Hoffman who highlighted the important role played by his partner and executive advisor, Bruce Unsal, in the company’s recent developments.

All provinces and territories

The software allows the advisor to follow the status of his continuing education record, regardless of the discipline in which he has applied for CE Credits, in all provinces and territories of the country.

Among other things, it makes it possible to track the status of CE Credits for obtaining a life and health insurance license through the CSF, FSCO and other provinces. It also allows the tracking of CE Credits going towards the CFP and CLU titles. Hoffman calls it a compliance tool, available online.

Closer monitoring by regulators

Hoffman sold his AGA in 2010 to consider other career options. He eventually decided to renew his license, even though he was no longer practicing. That is when he learned that the FSCO closely tracks your education. "I tried to renew my license and they asked me if I had my 30 CE Credits. That was on short notice, within a week. I didn’t have it. They wouldn’t renew me. I realized that FSCO was checking CE credits very closely now. In my career, I had never heard of a single person asked for CE Credits," he said.

This closer monitoring and lack of life insurance continuing education opportunities, gave him the idea to start his business. "I saw a great business opportunity," he said.

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