Securities regulators advise of unauthorized access to National Registration Database

par The IJ Staff | July 30 2018 11:30AM

The Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) issued a statement July 27 advising of recent unauthorized access to the CSA's National Registration Database. This is the web-based system that registrants use to file registration information with Canadian securities regulators.

The CSA says a former contractor for the Government of Nunavut, with previously authorized access to the database while under contract, has electronically accessed information. “The individual proactively disclosed their unauthorized access to CSA Staff. Access was then terminated immediately and, as a result, no further registrant information can be accessed by this individual,” states the CSA.

Accessed personal information for a single registrant

The individual accessed personal information for a single registrant and business information for select registrants from a single registered firm. The CSA has notified the registrant whose personal information was accessed and contacted the registered firm.

The CSA added that it conducts regular reviews of its systems to ensure all necessary protections and controls are in place. It also uses “industry-recognized security services to monitor and protect its national systems and data from malicious activity.”

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