The Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) announced it is again seeking new members to join its Seniors Expert Advisory Committee (SEAC). 

“The SEAC serves as a forum to discuss issues and challenges faced by seniors,” they write. “First established in 2016, the committee provides OSC staff with expert opinions and input on securities related policy, and operational, education and outreach activities that are designed to meet the needs of Ontario’s older investors.” 

Current committee members include Arthur Fish, Harold Geller, Ken Kivenko, Keith Sjogren, Laura Tamblyn Watts and Terri Williams.

The committee consists of up to 15 members and typically includes representation from the legal community and academia, along with industry representatives, medical professionals and senior’s advocates.

“Interested parties should submit an application, indicating their relevant experience by Tuesday, July 4, 2023. Applications and questions regarding the SEAC may be submitted via email to the OSC’s Investor Office at [email protected],” they write.