Scotiabank announced Jan. 18 the launch of the Scotiabank Economic Resilience Research Fund in collaboration with Mitacs, a Canadian not-for-profit organization that operates research and training programs in partnership with academia, private industry and government. 

The Scotiabank Economic Resilience Research Fund, over the next three years, will aim to increase the understanding of the factors that drive economic resilience in communities across Canada by underwriting graduate, doctorate, and post-doctorate research internships for students. 

To be eligible for the Scotiabank Economic Resilience Research Fund, the student-led research-internship proposals must address the needs of a Canadian not-for-profit organization or charity partner, and demonstrate a focus on one of three key themes: increasing high school graduation and post-secondary participation; accelerating newcomer integration and removing barriers to career advancement for disadvantaged groups 

"With Mitacs, Scotiabank will help to enable students, not-for-profit organizations and other researchers to collaborate and share knowledge in new ways," says Meigan Terry, Senior Vice President of Global Communications and Social Impact. "The goal of the Scotiabank Economic Resilience Research Fund is to reduce financial barriers to meaningful research in the not-for-profit sector and allow students to contribute to supporting economic resilience for Canadian communities." 

Mitacs is currently accepting expression of interest from applicants interested in this funding opportunity. Those interested, can consult the Mitacs-Scotiabank proposal webpage.