RSA Canada to deepen relationship with the SSE

par Andrew Rickard | March 02 2016 01:11PM

RSA Canada employees are going to offer more training sessions at the School for Social Entrepreneurs (SSE) Ontario.

SSE helps people launch social purpose businesses, non-profit organizations, cooperatives, or social ventures that benefit of their community. RSA Canada first began sponsoring SSE programs in 2014, providing mentorship, subject matter expertise, office equipment, and space for SSE program events. RSA Canada staff have acted as coaches for students, the company has given training sessions on insurance for entrepreneurs, and it has also provided IT support for SSE’s back-office staff.

On Feb. 23, RSA announced that its employees will give even more assistance to SSE students by offering training sessions on various topics of interest to social entrepreneurs such as social media, human resources, and accounting.

“This collaboration is rooted in our heritage as a business founded to meet a social need, providing protection to people and businesses,” comments Mark Edgar, RSA Canada’s senior vice president of human resources. “Working with the School for Social Entrepreneurs offers us not only a great opportunity to support community leaders who are reducing risks associated with social inequality and environmental stress, but also an opportunity to develop insights into the needs of small businesses and the fast growing social enterprise industry.”