RBC simplifies travel insurance application

By Andrew Rickard | June 24 2016 09:45AM

RBC Insurance has reduced the length of its medical questionnaire for travel coverage by about 80%, and only those who are over the age of 65 will need to fill it out.

On June 22, RBC announced that it has streamlined its application for travel insurance. While the old medical questionnaire consisted of 51 questions, the new one will only ask between seven to 11 questions depending on the responses provided. RBC says the language used in the application has also been simplified.

What’s more, the insurer has increased the age at which medical information is required. It used to be that applicants over the age of 60 had to fill out the medical questionnaire, but when new product becomes available next month RBC says only those over the age of 65 will have to complete it.

“When we spoke with our customers to find out what they wanted in a travel medical questionnaire, the number one request was to simplify the language, reduce the number of questions and make it an easier process,” says Anita Mukherjee, head of travel at RBC Insurance. “Our new seven question Simplified Medical Questionnaire puts customers first, by making sure they understand and purchase the right type of coverage for their travel needs.

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