RBC GAM announces corporate class fund risk rating changes

By The IJ Staff | October 20 2017 01:30PM

RBC Global Asset Management announced Oct. 20 changes to the risk rating of several corporate class funds.

RBC GAM says the changes are “the result of an annual review and are not a result of any change to the investment objectives, strategies or management of the funds. The changes are consistent with the new methodology mandated by the Canadian Securities Administrators to determine risk level of mutual funds.”

New ratings

The following funds will change from their current risk rating of Medium to their new rating of Low to Medium: BlueBay Global Convertible Bond Class (Canada); BlueBay $U.S. Global Convertible Bond Class (Canada); RBC QUBE Low Volatility Canadian Equity Class; RBC North American Value Class; RBC QUBE Low Volatility U.S. Equity Class and RBC QUBE Low Volatility Global Equity Class.

The RBC Canadian Mid-Cap Equity Class’ current risk rating of Medium to High will be changed to a new rating of Medium. RBC Emerging Markets Equity Class’ risk rating will change from its current High rating to its new rating of Medium to High.

These changes will be effective Oct. 25.