Provisus launches funds on NEO Exchange

By The IJ Staff | February 25 2019 11:30AM

Centre of Picture: Wayne Murphy, VP, Provisus; Chris Ambridge, President, Provisus: Erik Sloane, Head of Funds & Trading at NEO

Provisus Wealth Management has launched nine platform-traded funds (PTFs) on the NEO Exchange. The funds are designed for fee-based investors who work with discretionary or non-discretionary advisors and portfolio managers. 

Since last week, advisors have been able to purchase Provisus’ PTFs through the NEO Connect FinTech distribution platform on the NeoExchange. The purchases are made the same way an order is made for an ETF or a stock.

Provisus’ Core Funds PTFs are: Canadian Equity, U.S. Equity, International Equity, Emerging Markets Equity, Global Real Estate and High Yield Fixed Income. Provisus’ Fund of Funds PTFs are: North American Equity, Global Equity and Total Equity.

“Wealth managers are always looking for new solutions to support their clients’ goals,” said Chris Ambridge, President of Provisus Wealth Management. “Our PTFs were developed to provide eligible investors and advisors with an entirely new approach, focused on delivering efficient and lower-cost investment products that generate valued-added results.”

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