Policyholders Want Mobile Services

By Andrew Rickard | July 11 2014 02:10PM

Life insurance consumers want mobile access to their policies.

A recent survey conducted by the Life Insurance Marketing and Research Association (LIMRA) revealed that two out of three people in the US who own mobile devices said they have already or plan to use mobile devices to access services for their life insurance policies.

The survey revealed that younger clients were most likely to own smart phones or tablets. Males, those with college degrees, and high net worth clients were also more inclined to want or use mobile access. At the moment, however, LIMRA says only 29% of life insurance companies have mobile service capabilities for policy owners, although 44% plan to introduce them at some point.

"Today's consumers — especially Gen X and Gen Y — expect to do anything they want online and mobile. In the survey, 41% of Gen X and more than half of Gen Y policyowners said they already have or plan to use mobile devices to obtain service from their insurer, compared with just 15% of Boomers," reads the LIMRA report. "Companies that build mobile friendly sites now will have an advantage with current customers and be in position to attract younger customers in the future."