People in Asia worried about their health

By Andrew Rickard | January 17 2017 09:45AM

People in Asia are increasingly unsatisfied with the state of their health. Many say they don't have the time or motivation to improve their condition.

Sun Life Financial's most recent Asia Health Index reveals that health satisfaction levels in the region have reached new lows. The insurer says that just 60% of those who participated in the survey are happy with their overall health, down from 65% in 2015. People in Hong Kong were the most negative, with only 29% satisfied with their current overall health level compared to 44% last year. Overall, almost one in three (29%) of Asian people say they are less healthy than three years ago and 36% blamed a lack of exercise for this decline.

When asked to identify the things that were preventing them from being more healthy (respondents could give more than one answer), 50% said it was a lack of time due to work, 36% said it was family commitments, 40% blamed a lack of personal motivation, and 35% attributed it to the distractions of modern life.

42% of people in Asia use wellness apps or wearables

One bright spot, however, is a growing acceptance of wearable technology. The survey found that 42% of people in Asia use wellness apps or wearables, and they tend to establish better habits and feel more positive about their health. Among those who use wearables, 70% were more optimistic about their overall health, which is 10% higher than the general population.

"These results illustrate the growing concern that Asians have regarding their personal health and the struggle people face in prioritizing health and well-being in the face of modern life," says Kevin Strain, President and CEO, Sun Life Financial Asia. "Sun Life is committed to providing insurance and investment solutions that build stronger, healthier, more financially secure communities. The latest findings reaffirm the importance and necessity of promoting healthier lives in Asia."