NEI Investments Announces Fund Changes

par Andrew Rickard | July 25 2014 02:08PM

NEI Investments has made several changes to its mutual fund lineup, launching two new fund series, reducing management fees, introducing premium pricing, and reopening a fund.

On July 23, NEI announced the launch of a Series T version of its Global Total Return Bond Fund, and a Series F version of its Ethical Select Income Portfolio. The former seeks to pay a fixed monthly distribution based on an initial target annualized payout of 4%, while the latter aims to pay a fixed monthly distribution based on a target annualized payout of 3%. In both cases, payments will consist of income and/or capital returns and distributions will be reviewed yearly to make sure they are appropriate given market conditions.

NEI has also reduced management fees for its Northwest U.S. Dividend Fund and Northwest U.S. Dividend Corporate Class by 10 basis points and introduced a premium pricing option for its Ethical Global Dividend Fund, Global Total Return Bond Fund, Northwest Macro Canadian Asset Allocation Fund, Northwest Tactical Yield Fund, and Northwest U.S. Dividend Fund.

Lastly, NEI has reopened the Northwest Tactical Yield Corporate Class, which was closed on April 2013 to address changes to federal income tax regulations. As part of the reopening, NEI says the fund will change its investment objectives and will invest substantially all of its assets directly in units of the underlying Northwest Tactical Yield Fund, a fund-of-funds. The investment objective changes will be effective September 23, 2014 and the fund will reopen for purchases on or around September 29, 2014.

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