Medavie Blue Cross offers new service for plan members on disability

By The IJ Staff | March 03 2021 03:20PM

Medavie Blue Cross announced March 2 that it has partnered with Medical Confidence, a CloudMD company, to offer select plan members on disability access to MedExcellence – a personalized healthcare navigation service that can reduce the wait time to see a specialist. 

The insurer says many Canadians experience long wait times to receive treatment from a specialist, an issue which seems to have been exacerbated by the pandemic.  

"From what we are seeing, Canadians may now need to wait even longer to get an appointment with a specialist," says Rebecca Smith, Director, Group Life and Disability Services, Medavie Blue Cross. "We are delighted to offer this opportunity to connect those on disability with a specialist sooner. We believe this will help many of our plan members in seeing the best possible health outcomes and potentially seeing a quicker recovery from their disability." 

Medavie Blue Cross disability case managers will work with plan members on disability to access this service in appropriate circumstances based on referral criteria. 

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