McCracken launches third mystery novel featuring financial advisor heroine

By Donna Glasgow | October 07 2016 07:00AM

Raven Lake by Rosemary McCracken

Rosemary McCracken has authored Raven Lake, a third novel featuring fictional financial advisor heroine Pat Tierney. This mystery is a sequel to Black Water and her debut novel Safe Harbor.

Published by Imajin Books, Raven Lake was launched this summer. The story takes place in cottage country where the body of an elderly woman is discovered in a storage locker. Pat Tierney’s friend is the murdered woman’s son. When the police peg him as a prime suspect, Pat sets out to find the killer.

In addition to her three mystery novels, McCracken has had several fictional short stories published. She is also a veteran journalist. In particular, she enjoys writing about financial planning topics and has contributed many articles to The Insurance and Investment Journal and other publications.

McCracken has said that her work as a journalist for financial services industry publications has enabled her to meet many advisors and understand the issues of concern to them. This work inspired her character Pat Tierney.