Manulife offers critical illness plan up to age 100 for Hong Kong consumers

By The IJ Staff | June 15 2017 09:45AM

Photo: Freepik

Manulife in Hong Kong has launched a new critical illness plan called ManuBright Care, which provides all-round protection for consumers up to the age of 100.

In addition, the plan offers a “continuous care benefit” feature which extends protection to the consumer with additional coverage for cancer, heart attacks and strokes after the first claim for any major critical illness.

Survival rates have improved

“Medical advancement has improved the survival rate for CIs such as cancer, heart disease and stroke, but figures have also shown that the risk of a recurrence of these is high,” says Wilton Kee, vice president and chief product officer, Manulife Hong Kong. “ManuBright Care is designed to address the needs of customers who want additional protection in case the disorder should strike again.”  

Upon the first diagnosis of any major critical illness covered by ManuBright Care, customers will receive 100 per cent of the notional amount. The “continuous care benefits” will provide the same amount up to twice for a newly diagnosed, recurrent, metastatic or persistent cancer, and up to twice for a heart attack or stroke, which leads to 400 per cent additional protection, up to the age of 85.

Life expectancy among the longest in the world

“With the life expectancy of Hongkongers among the longest in the world, CI protection is particularly important considering that the chances of us contracting multiple CIs during our lifetime are relatively higher than most places,” Kee says. “ManuBright Care is an ideal solution for customers who are looking for additional CI protection to cover this eventuality.”