Invesco Expands Low-Cost Fund Lineup

By Andrew Rickard | November 03 2015 09:45AM

Invesco Canada is adding more funds to its low-cost Platform Traded Fund (PTF) lineup and making changes to some of its other investment products.

On Oct. 30, Invesco announced that it was adding six more funds to its PTF platform, bringing the total number of funds up to 28. These are funds with low management expense ratios (MERs) that are designed for fee-based investors who work with either discretionary or non-discretionary advisors; they transact and settle like listed securities or exchange-traded funds which helps to reduce costs. The new PTF funds are:

  • Trimark Advantage Bond, with an MER of 0.65%
  • Invesco Canadian Premier Growth with a MER of 0.55%
  • Trimark Canadian Endeavour with a MER of 0.55%
  • Invesco Global Growth with a MER of 0.70%
  • Trimark Global Fundamental Equity with a MER of 0.70%
  • Trimark International Companies with a MER of 0.70%

In addition, Invesco has added the Trimark Canadian Opportunity Class to the Invesco Private Wealth program through the launch of Series P and PF.

"Series P is a dedicated series for advised households with a minimum of $100,000 in aggregate assets invested in Invesco Canada funds. The benefits of Series P include reduced fees, potential for reduced expenses and its availability across a broad range of Invesco Canada products," explains Invesco. "Investors may also qualify for additional management-fee reductions or rebates for higher investment amounts."

Finally, Invesco is expanding its T-FLEX series for fee-based accounts to offer investors more options when drawing a regular monthly income. The new additions to T-FLEX series include the Invesco Intactive Diversified Income Portfolio Class and the Invesco Intactive Balanced Income Portfolio Class, with the launch of Series F4, F6, PF4 and PF6 for each.

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