Invesco Adds Funds to Private Wealth Program

By Andrew Rickard | August 13 2014 07:25AM

Invesco Canada has added a number of mutual funds and US dollar purchase options to its private wealth program, and it also adding two funds to its fee-based T-FLEX series.

Investors who work with a financial advisor and have at least $100,000 in household assets invested with the firm can obtain lower management fees, tax-efficient management, and more detailed statements through Invesco's Series P program, while those who have a fee-based account can do so through Series PF. Additional fee reductions and benefits are available at the $500,000, $1,000,000 and $5,000,000 household asset marks.

The company says that due to demand, it has decided to make six more funds available under these two private wealth series:

  • Invesco Canadian Balanced Fund
  • Invesco European Growth Class
  • Trimark Global Balanced Fund
  • Trimark Global Endeavour Fund
  • Trimark Income Growth Fund
  • Trimark Select Balanced Fund

  • Invesco is also adding the Trimark Global Balanced Class to its Series PF4 and PF6. These combine the benefits of fee-based accounts with Invesco Private Wealth and Invesco Canada's T-FLEX series, which delivers a tax-efficient income stream. Additionally, Trimark Global Balanced Class and Trimark Global Dividend Class are both now available in Series F4 and F6, which give investors in fee-based accounts access to Invesco’s T-FLEX series.

    Finally, Invesco is adding a US dollar purchase option for the the following Series P and Series PF funds:

  • Invesco International Growth Class
  • Trimark Global Balanced Fund
  • Trimark Global Balanced Class
  • Trimark Global Endeavour Fund
  • Trimark Global Endeavour Class
  • Trimark Global Fundamental Equity Class
  • Trimark U.S. Companies Class
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    "Advisors asked for a greater range of Invesco Canada funds to be made available through Invesco Private Wealth," comments Jamie Kingston, senior vice president for product management and development at Invesco Canada. "We look forward to expanding the program further based on client needs."

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