IIAC Calls for Hall of Fame Nominations

By Andrew Rickard | February 12 2015 01:02PM

The Investment Industry Association of Canada (IIAC) is seeking nominations for its Investment Industry Hall of Fame. The institution was founded in 2013, and a maximum of four living and four posthumous candidates are inducted every year.

The nominees will be judged according to the effect they have had on the industry, and on the leadership, ethics, and social responsibility they have demonstrated.

For example, the IIAC says nominees may have participated on management boards or committees related to the investment industry, or advocated for sound public policy and effective regulation of firms, markets, and industry participants. Others may have designed and implemented capital markets infrastructure for trading, clearing, and settlement. In private life, nominees may have held leadership positions in their communities, or served as volunteers.

The IIAC is accepting nominations until 5:00 p.m. ET Friday on May 22, 2015. No one associated with the Investment Industry Association of Canada is part of the selection process; the entries will be reviewed by a selection committee composed of people who either work or have worked in politics, law, academia, business, or the investment industry.

More details are available on the IIAC web site at