iA Financial Group rewards good deeds

By Mathieu Carbasse | January 25 2017 09:45AM

To underline their 125th anniversary, a team from iA Financial Group is wandering the streets of Quebec City giving away 250 prizes of $125 each. Soon they’ll do the same in other Canadian cities.

This week, from Jan. 23 to Jan. 26, they are visiting public places in the Quebec’s capital city handing out the cash prizes to people for doing spontaneous good deeds, such as helping someone carry their bags, brushing snow off cars, or holding the door open for others.

Philanthropic values

“The purpose of this initiative is to encourage people to do good deeds and work together in their daily lives, to brighten their day for a few moments, and thank them for 125 successful years. With this initiative, we respect the fundamental philanthropic values of our company,” says Yvon Charest, President and Chief Executive Officer of iA Financial Group and well-known philanthropist.

On Jan. 31, the team will then continue their Canada-wide tour to Vancouver, before returning to Montreal and Toronto in February. In total, there are 1000 cash prizes of $125 to be given out in the four cities.

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