Humania looks to online sales

By Andrew Rickard | May 03 2016 07:00AM

Richard Gagnon

Humania Assurance says that its simplified issued, online insurance products will play an important role in its expansion into the rest of Canada.

In its 2015 annual report, Humania reveals that 31% of the insurer’s sales (including those of its subsidiary LS-Travel) now come from outside its home province of Quebec. Furthermore, Humania says that 22% of its sales were completed online by independent advisors.

While Humania’s gross revenue increased by 12.1% to reach a total of $152.5 million in 2015, the insurer reported net earnings of $4.5 million for the year, which is lower than the $4.9 million reported in 2014. The company attributes this decline to a strengthening of its actuarial reserves and the cost of ongoing developmental investments. Humania also notes that its group insurance sales declined significantly last year due to its “reluctance to enrol groups with rather uncertain profitability”.

Humania intends to continue expanding outside of Quebec and plans to automate more of its processes. In particular, the insurer hopes to build on the success it has had with its Insurance Without Medical Exam and Children360 web-based products.

“We will also expand our presence in other provinces by improving manager support in Western Canada and Ontario,” reads the message from Humania’s president and CEO Richard Gagnon. “Their contribution is key to the ongoing development of our Canada-wide advisor network.”