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By La rédaction | May 07 2015 11:56AM

Canada Sales Congress – May 20, 2015 – Allstream Centre Toronto

After the Canada Sales Congress’ Gala Luncheon, you’re in for another treat with the first four afternoon speaker presentations beginning at 1:55 p.m.! These outstanding Sales Masters will share the secrets of their success and provide you with proven strategies to help you grow your own business!

Edgar De Souza | 1:55 pm

collins_corry_webFrom managing a camera store shortly after arriving in Canada to being a top career agent, to owning an MGA and now writing 6 figure life insurance premiums, Edgar is proof that hard work and integrity gets the job done. See how charisma and character can create more than 1000 life insurance client families and an enviable lifestyle too.

Mike Kidney | 2:15 pm

bongard_jaymie_webMike has translated ongoing professional development and intensive training into serious success in the life insurance business. He leverages that training and education with a client’s professional advisors to garner their support for his insurance recommendations. You can do the same.

Aviva Huberman | 2:35 pm

creasy_sue_webStill a rookie in her career company, Aviva has already led the way in insurance sales for her top downtown organization. If you think you are too young to be good, listen to her explain her unique philosophy about insurance and how it has helped her accomplish so much so fast.

Herb Braley | 2:55 pm

brain_brad_web2Still hard at it in the life insurance business after a 50 plus year career and retired from management, Herb delivers exceptional professional knowledge with the highest ethical standards. His unique approach to succession is a lesson for anyone interested in building a great legacy.

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