Franklin Templeton introduces two new ETFs

By The IJ Staff | July 08 2019 03:30PM

Franklin Templeton Canada has launched two new active fixed income ETFs – the Franklin Liberty Core Plus Bond ETF (FLCP) and the Franklin Liberty Short Duration Bond ETF (FLSD).

Both ETFS invest directly in Franklin Bisset mutual funds. FLCP invests in series O of the Franklin Bissett Core Plus Bond Fund while FLSD invests in series O of the Franklin Bissett Short Duration Bond Fund.

"Investors are looking for actively managed fixed income to provide stability in their portfolios," said Duane Green, president and CEO, Franklin Templeton Canada. "Now they can access the compelling, risk-adjusted returns of our Franklin Bissett fixed income mutual funds in either an ETF or mutual fund structure depending on what works best for their portfolio."

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