ExamOne is now providing free checkups to members of Manulife Financial's Vitality program.

ExameOne offers paramedical services to the insurance industry. On Friday, Manulife announced that the firm will now give physical fitness checkups to Vitality members; those who choose to take advantage of the service will earn points they can use to obtain rewards, including discounts on their life insurance premiums.

A Vitality Check may be arranged through any accredited medical practitioner, or an appointment may be made directly through ExamOne. The check up takes place at a location of the member’s choosing and includes a collection and reporting of blood pressure, glucose, cholesterol, and body mass index. The member will then receive a report they can use to better understand their overall health and to make informed choices about their health care.

"Vitality Check provides an additional level of insight into one's overall health," says Blake Hill, head of the Manulife Vitality program. "Not all provincial health care systems cover the requirements and cost of a health review equivalent to Vitality Check so we have joined with ExamOne to provide it free of charge to Manulife Vitality members."