Empire Life Launches CITS e-Application Notification Feeds

By Andrew Rickard | May 28 2015 01:02PM

Empire Life has launched new Canadian Insurance Transaction Standardization (CITS) e-Application data feeds for life insurance applications placed through the Fast & Full life application process. The insurer says this will make settling business easier for Managing General Agents (MGAs) who use systems that are enabled to receive these feeds.

photo_web_1574Empire announced on May 26 that it had received Canadian Life Insurance EDI Standards (CLIEDIS) approval for their CITS e-Application data feed process. MGAs can now receive notifications from Empire that include a PDF image of the application as part of the feed. The insurer says it is the only company in Canada whose notifications provide this feature.

"We recognize the importance of finding efficient ways of sharing up-to-date comprehensive information with our MGAs," says Mike Stocks, Vice President of Insurance Marketing at Empire. "Empire Life aims to be a company known for simplicity and being easy to do business with and our Fast & Full e-Application data feed is the latest way we want to demonstrate this commitment to our MGAs. The e-Application data feed will save time and costs for our MGAs and help to make settling business placed through our Fast & Full Life Application process even faster."

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