Empire launches managed drug solutions program

By Andrew Rickard | April 07 2016 11:34AM

Empire Life is introducing an actively-managed drug solutions program to help employers manage the costs of their pay-direct drug plans.

Empire announced the launch of its complementary managed drug benefits service on April 5. The program is provided through Express Scripts Canada and is designed for those who take maintenance and/or specialty drugs. The new service will alert employees when lower-cost alternative medications are available, and it will also deliver larger supplies of medication directly to the address of their choice. The insurer says that employees who use the plan will be more likely to take their medication as prescribed and, as a result, will suffer fewer unnecessary complications.

Higher cost drugs

"New higher cost drugs are just one of the factors putting pressure on drug benefits, and our customers need solutions to keep their plans sustainable and competitive" explains Steve Pong, senior vice-president of group solutions at Empire Life. "We are delighted to partner with Express Scripts Canada on Actively Managed Drug Solutions. It helps employees stay on track with their treatment, and helps customers keep their drug benefits more sustainable – so plans can afford to cover specialty drugs when they are needed."

Empire Life says the full suite of its actively-managed drug solutions services will be available in all provinces except Quebec.

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