CRA announces changes to form RC59

par Andrew Rickard | January 13 2017 11:30AM

Photo: Freepik

Do you prepare taxes for business clients? If so, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) says there are changes coming in May that you should know about.

In a recent message posted to its web site, the CRA warned tax preparers that if they wish to have online access to a business client's tax information after May 15, they will have to complete the authorization request in the Represent a Client section of its web site.

To complete this authorization request, the CRA says tax preparers should log into Represent a Client and select "Review and update" from the Welcome page. They should then select "Authorization request" at the bottom of the "Manage clients" tab and follow the instructions. Once the request is complete, tax preparers will need to print the signature page for their client to sign. Once it is signed, a scanned copy of the document may be sent to the CRA using its submit documents feature.

Using this method will allow tax professionals to gain access to their business clients' information in five days or less instead of the 15 days it currently takes with form RC59.

"The services offered on Represent a client can change the way you do business," reads the message from the CRA. "Give it a try! And if you still prefer your current process, you can still use form RC59 to request access to your business clients' information by telephone or mail."