Committee to review evidence for use of medical cannabis in employer plans

By The IJ Staff | May 18 2018 01:30PM

Reformulary Group, an independent drug plan management company, announced May 16 the establishment of its Cannabis Formulary Committee, which the company says will review the best available evidence for medical cannabis and provide expert opinions and criteria for its use in specific indications.

Consumption and quantity limits

The committee “will recommend specific medical uses and develop criteria for appropriate use, lines of therapy, specific strains, form, grams per indication, mode of consumption and quantity limits” and its recommendations will be made available to employers on a subscription basis, says the company.

Real-world patient-reported data

The committee will advise on the creation of a registry to capture real-world patient-reported data. Data will be used to adapt the formulary where necessary and help patients and doctors make evidence-based decisions, says Reformulary Group.

“For Canadian employers that choose to cover medical cannabis, our cannabis formulary – called Cannabis Standard – will be an essential product to access the best available evidence and expert advice,” said Helen Stevenson, Reformulary Group founder and CEO. “By subscribing, an employer can be confident that their employees are following expert criteria on how and what to consume when it comes to medical cannabis and specific indications.”

Reformulary’s Cannabis Formulary Committee is comprised of experts who specialize in medical cannabis and/or evidence-based reviews.

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