CCIR expects to publish seg funds disclosure form this spring

par The IJ Staff | February 21 2017 11:30AM

The Canadian Council of Insurance Regulators has announced that it expects to publish a disclosure document this spring that is intended to better inform consumers about their segregated funds’ performance and all associated fees and charges.

In its recent Winter 2017 Communique, the CCIR states that its Segregated Funds Working Group is in the process of developing a position paper that follows its recent consultation on seg fund related consumer protection issues. The Working Group aims to publish this position paper this spring, along with the disclosure form.

“The Working Group is monitoring other developments in related sectors and plans to continue consulting stakeholders in developing the position paper and disclosure document,” states the Communique.

The CCIR also says it plans to release a draft position paper on issues impacting the Canadian travel health insurance market. This paper is also expected to be published this spring.

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