Bridgehouse teams up with Morningstar to launch managed investments program

By The IJ Staff | March 16 2017 11:30AM

Photo: Freepik

Bridgehouse Asset Managers has filed a preliminary prospectus to launch a managed investments program in collaboration with Morningstar Associates. The program will include five target risk portfolios featuring third-party funds.

The funds will be selected and monitored based on the extensive research capabilities of Morningstar and its affiliates. Ongoing asset allocation decisions will use Morningstar's proprietary valuation-driven approach to actively manage risk and improve return potential for investors, announced the companies March 16.

Incorporates risk assessment tool

"The unique aspect of the Morningstar Managed Investments Program will be the ability to access third-party funds in a portfolio that actively manages risk and return potential," says Carol Lynde, President & COO, Bridgehouse Asset Managers. "We also plan to incorporate tools to promote better advisor/investor communication including a Risk Appetite Questionnaire, which is a risk assessment tool and an Investment Policy Statement that will help investors understand their investment behaviour and their portfolio better."    

Michael Keaveney, Head of Investment Management, Canada for Morningstar Associates, Inc., said, "With this new program, we draw on our extensive global research capabilities, combined with our local presence to select suitable holdings to help meet the needs of Canadian investors and their advisors."

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