Bookkeeper Gets 10 Years for Tax Fraud

By Andrew Rickard | September 14 2015 10:42AM

Doreen Tennina, a former tax-preparer from Vaughan, Ontario, has been extradited from Italy to Canada, and is now serving a ten year sentence for tax fraud.

On Sept. 8, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) announced that Tennina had been returned to Canada. In 2013, she was found guilty in absentia in the Superior Court of Justice in Oshawa, Ontario for fraudulently claiming carrying charges and charitable donations of $58,500,000 on 4,200 tax returns that she had prepared for her clients between 2003 and 2005. She was sentenced to ten years in prison, and was also given a fine of $699,608.00, for failing to report the income she received from the tax evasion scheme.

In handing down her judgement, Madam Justice Cory A. Gilmore indicated that she wished to make an example of Tennina. “General deterrence is the most important factor in this case,” she wrote. “The public must be made aware that not only are fraudulent schemes of this magnitude illegal, but the ripple effect on government, court resources and individuals has both an emotional and financial cost that affects every citizen in this country.”