Affinity pledges $10,000 to MDRT Foundation Canada

By Kate McCaffery | January 04 2018 11:30AM

Photo: Freepik

Affinity Financial Services Inc. has announced that beginning in January 2018, it will make a $10,000 yearly pledge to the MDRT Foundation Canada (MDRTFC).

Affinity’s president and MDRT Foundation board member, Chloe Tong says the donation is an important way to both give back to the community which supports her firm, while also leading by example.

Leading by example

“It’s important. It’s the MDRT culture – we need to be a whole person. A whole person is not only about self-achievement. Society supports us. We need to give back to help those people who have need,” she says. “It’s very important, as a leader, as a company leader and as a board member, to lead by example. I donate to my community. But right now I donate to the MDRT and they give it back to my community.”

According to the foundation’s executive director, Joanne Taylor, the MDRTFC’s mission is to increase industry participation and give funds to worthwhile charitable organizations sponsored by members. “We showcase the generous and caring spirit of our members, which raises the integrity of the entire life insurance profession to a new level,” she says.

Two charities being sponsored by Chloe Tong and Jing Gao at Affinity Financial Services include the Chi Heng Foundation Canada, an organization which cares for children with parents who are living with AIDS, and Baby Go Around, an organization which provides essential baby gear to roughly 850 low-income families each year.

Grassroots charities

When donations to the foundation are made, the money goes into a general fund. A grant committee reviews all member-sponsored grant applications received before deciding where to allocate the money.

“We give to grassroots charities. All of our charities are membership-sponsored,” Taylor says. “We believe as a collective group, our true power is measured by how many others we can lift.”